Umair Mansha

CEO & Founder, LazyMetrics

Umair has been an entrepreneur since the age of 12, his curiosity has led him into starting his niche blogs, ranking his own sites on Google and eventually selling them for big bucks. He also started his SEO agency in 2018 and managed to grow it as one of the fastest-growing marketing firms from Pakistan and received an award for it. He is a well-recognized SEO marketer in the industry and he works with 7,8 figure SEO agencies around the globe handling their operations via white-label fulfillment with the help of his team. Umair was recognized as Top 100 freelancers from Pakistan by Worldbank in 2019. Abdul Rehman Ilahi is a renowned mechanical engineer, a skilled sales expert, and an accomplished businessman and CEO of Zoom On Sales Ltd is a UK-based company. Abdul Rehman Ilahi is a successful entrepreneur who now focuses on supporting businesses by expanding their influence in multiple sectors. He strives to support companies/firms modernizing their revenue and Sales methods among the main objectives. Throughout his career, he has dealt with more than two hundred business advisors in different countries worldwide. Due to his skills, knowledge, and abilities in entrepreneurship, Abdul Rehman Ilahi has been fortunate to position himself as a prominent Pakistani business leader.