Umair Majeed

Founder and CEO, Datics AI

Umair is the CEO of Datics AI, a technology products development company. He can be best described as a passionate data scientist and an Artificial Intelligence geek with a vision to help global companies grow using technology.

At the Annual Presidential Awards, 2021, Umair received the honor of “Dynamic Entrepreneur of The Year '' by Mr. Arif Alvi, the president of Pakistan. Aged 25, Umair is the youngest CEO to receive this honor. Additionally, Umair's work has been featured in a number of blogs which has gone to highlight his dynamic success and achievements with Datics. He has also been invited onto multiple TV shows to discuss and elaborate on his work and vested interest in Datics AI.

Due to Umair’s excellent leadership skills, business acumen, and vision of paying back to society, he has been able to build a multi-million-dollar organisation in the span of 3 years. Before this, Umair spent time exercising his professional and business skills at prominent companies in the IT industry, both nationally and internationally.

Paying back to society has always been a major focus for Umair. He strives to accomplish this with his nascent initiative Tech Nation and by becoming a part of many social ventures that focus on adding value to the youth and consequently reducing unemployment.