Umair Abdul Wahab

CEO, Kiwi Creations

Umair is the CEO of Kiwi Creations. A technology development company that is delivering its services in the field of Virtual Reality and the Metaverse. He started this journey back in 2018 with one goal in mind that was to create immersive VR experiences and become a leading service provider in the domain of IT sector in Pakistan. As completing numerous projects and covering every possible genre, Umair is now focused on the next big thing, the Blockchain based NFT Metaverse space. His mission is to engage the developer community with this emerging technology so that Pakistan is not left behind in this race. Currently, he is involved in various international and local metaverse projects that have the potential to become one of the best products related to this field in the coming years. He’s also gearing towards launching a metaverse project on a national level that will be the first of its kind in Pakistan.  For the betterment of society, specifically in the education sector, using technology like Metaverse, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence he has done and launched numerous free-to-play interactive game projects to educate young minds. The exceptional leadership traits and extensive knowledge of his field has made possible to transfigure the company to successful ventures, with a futuristic motive in bringing and elevating the revenue stream for creating and maximizing employment opportunities in our sector