Rehan Allahwala

Social Entrepreneur

Rehan Allahwala is an entrepreneur, speaker, and a great motivational speaker from Pakistan. He loves to talk about Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Youth Motivation, and connecting people.

He was born in Pakistan, & Coming from an Entrepreneurial family, His father taught him to be independent, He sold candies in his neighborhood at age 8, Stationary to his schoolmates at 10 & started his first company selling Commodore 64 games at age 13. He later made Modem & Voice Digitizes at 16 & did 51 different ventures by the time When he was 36, He retired and started teaching via the internet, everything he knows mainly Entrepreneurship.

With the money that his telecom company makes, he started a foundation that helps people find their dreams and helps them fulfill them via Entrepreneurship, He also started a school to teach a billion people basic literacy via Mobile Phone. All of this leads to his ultimate mission in life of ending poverty, worldwide. He founded Rehan school and Rehan university for educating people.