Muhammad Tahir

CEO, CCJK Technologies Pakistan

Muhammad Tahir is CEO of CCJK Technologies Pakistan and Director R&D MarsHub which is the parent company of CCJK Technologies. CCJK Technologies has the head office in Shenzhen, China, and 11 overall branches all over China. Tahir started his career as a software engineer with a passion for building platforms. He believes in investing time, energy, and resources in digital products that can solve real-world problems. He himself has diverse experience in desktop, web applications, and custom software application development. Tahir came back to Pakistan in 2013 to establish the software department in Pakistan, believing that we need to bring more foreign remittances to Pakistan. Tahir aims to build an employee-friendly company where everyone can explore their full potential. He spent almost a decade establishing an R&D center and digital marketing center for CCJK Technologies, where he is getting exposure to work with various international clients in the translation and localization industry. He is currently leading dedicated teams to build software applications to improve the efficiency of translation and localization process. Due to his and the team’s untiring efforts, Tahir has been able to establish a successful R&D department, enabling the whole company to reach USD 27M revenue last year. Tahir further aims in striving to produce potential business and job opportunities in the coming years and help Pakistan’s talent and economy grow significantly, InshaAllah.