Muhammad Bilal Aftab

CEO, The2Sellers & TutorDen

Muhammad Bilal Aftab is a British (Pakistani) who is an Award-Winning Businessman for a number of ventures. Muhammad was selected to work with Amazon as an Amazon Brand Partner in 2020. His extensive experience in education and business spans across the United Kingdom where he owns multiple businesses. In addition to this, he is also a consultant in the business/IT industry. Muhammad currently owns the Top 3 Private Label brands on Amazon UK & Europe. Each has accomplished 7x figures success within the first 12 months of establishment. He has worked with the top industry leaders HP, IBM, Toyota Europe, Jaguar, RS Component, Sonangol P&P (Angola State Oil Company) and many more. Muhammad moved back to Pakistan in April 2021 having owned multiple successful businesses across various industries in the UK, which include Online retail, Digital Assets, Accounting, Imports, Business and IT consulting, and a Nursery to name but a few. His mission is to inspire as many of the youth of Pakistan so that they can have access to the global markets through e-commerce platforms. His goal is to make an even bigger impact in this world by giving these young adults the tools they’ll need to achieve success and help their communities the best they can.