Ayman Sarosh

CEO and Founder, AYMIT Pakistan

Ayman Sarosh is a top rated freelancer since 2010, meanwhile taking care of her two kids. She is also a facilitator of Google's initiative #IamRemarkable, which is all about empowering women and letting them speak about their accomplishments with confidence.

In 2019, she received "Freelancer of the Year 2019" award By Payoneer. Till date, she is the only Pakistani Woman who has won this award against 5000 contestants. She got featured in FORBES, Fox News, BBC along with multiple local media companies. As part of Payoneer story, she was featured with four others hustlers at NASDAQ Times Square NYC. She owns an initiative WEcan which provides online work opportunities to pakistani women, a place to network and skills to learn. Recently, she was selected in 100 premium freelancers of Pakistan who will be featured in a coffee book and presented to all ministries of Pakistan.

She has trained more than 3000+ KPK women under the initiative "KP Youth Employment Program" of KPITB, students of 10Pearls University, Foster learning program in Arid Agriculture University, IEEE NED Students, and CIRCLE.