Ahmed Muzammil

Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Gaper.io

A third-generation entrepreneur, Ahmed was born and bred in a family of engineers. He developed his goals for life at an early age, and he was raised with the right tools for them. Soon after graduating in Computer Science, he teamed up with a classmate to set up a software services company in 2007.

Making his first tech company profitable within the first year, he started working towards his original; developing a successful product that makes a difference in the market. It took Ahmed nine years and several attempts to find the right mix of people, technology and the market to come up with a winning product platform, Gaper.

As a Co-founder and VP of Engineering of this tech start-up, not only was he able to win the respect of every new client he got on board, he managed to build a great supply of engineering talent coming from 12 different countries.